Chazzly johanna is a self-taught realist figurative artist who primarily paints on wood panel. Chazzly begins her paintings with a structured drawing and a loose underpainting followed by richly detailed, fiscally layered applications of oil paint. This results in a painterly, yet high realism finished product that promotes a metaphysical aliveness between the subject and the viewer. Her paintings are embedded with femininity and symbolic divinity with applications of gold leaf and gold paint. Each brush stroke represents life energy and presence with a deglamorization of the model’s living flesh.
Chazzly attends outdoor and indoor art fairs and exhibitions such as Milton’s 2018 Art in the Park at Country Heritage Park, Toronto’s RAW Artist’s OVATION Art Show and the 2018 group show “Celebrate the Season” at The Fine Arts Society of Milton.
Chazzly is a Crisis Counsellor for abused women and children and a Mother of two who lives and works in Milton. Chazzly sells commissioned and original paintings to local and non local collectors.