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“The only time I feel joy” with the model  2.jpg

Chazzly Johanna 

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“The light touched her so she passed it on” 3ft by 3ft, Oil on Canvas 


“The only time I feel joy” 3ft by 3ft, Oil on Canvas 


Close up of “The only time I feel joy” 


“When he buys you flowers” 16” by 18” Oil on Linen 


Close up of still life 

“There for the Storm”, oil on canvas, 3ft by 4ft  2.jpg

“There for the Storm” 3ft by 4ft, Oil on Canvas


“Like the cycle of the moon” 16’ by 18’ Oil on Linen 


Close up of “Like the cycle of the moon” 

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Artist Statement 

My paintings are visual manifestations reflecting lived experiences or my observations of human behaviours and the emotional response that fallows. They are pictorial thoughts that flash into my mind‘s eye. My art is embedded in symbolism, some hidden; some obvious. The symbolism, the models expression and the environment it all inhabits tells a narrative. The stories are about finding beauty when it’s difficult to see. The silver lining or rainbow within the clouds, the light that can only really be seen at night or the appreciation of living when reminded of mortality.  

I want to create something beautiful that not only evokes conversation but also quiets thoughts to feel instead.

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